Surfing And The Gear You Need

Surfing And The Gear You Need

surf-the-waveSurfing is one of the most enjoyable and free feeling sports that you can ever experience. The great part is, once you acquire the equipment necessary to surf, the activity is completely free as all you need are the waves to have a great time.

First and foremost, you are going to need a surfboard. There are various types of surfboards, but if you are just starting out, you should hands down be riding a long board. These boards are typically anywhere from eight to ten feet long and have a very large surface to stand up on, giving people who are learning a much easier time to learn. More experienced surfers will start to get short boards, which are usually somewhere around the height, or just a tad bit smaller, than the height of the individual that is riding it, although some people prefer to go a foot or more shorter than their height. These short boards allow for a later takeoff that is more vertical, which also gives them the ability to do much more radical maneuvers.

The gear that you wear in the water is going to be determined greatly by the temperature of the ocean and the weather conditions. If you are in Hawaii or another tropic region, chances are that you can go out in just your regular old swim suit. However, in the early morning and evening, especially if it is windy, you may want to put on a thin top suit. In cold water, such as in California, you are going to have to wear a wetsuit. Wetsuits range in thickness and if you are trying to figure out which type of suit is best for the specific area you are surfing at, you should try to talk to a local surf shop, or take a look at the ocean temperature online. There are various guides that will show you the thickness range you will need to be comfortable.

You will also need a leg rope, which connects you to the surfboard. This will prevent the board from flying into other surfers in the water and also will make sure that when you fall your board does not sail all the way to the beach. You will also need to wax your board up, which creates a sticky surface that your feet will stick to, giving you much better balance. This is all you need to have a great time in the ocean, so get out there and start surfing!

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